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To begin with, companies and organizations Stand Together on businesses and can connect to the consumers and customers why A medium of wave Technology. In today’s era, many businesses and companies depend on the medium of Web Technology to showcase their products and services. Particularly, it is because of web development that companies and Consumers can connect with each other to provide a variety of different services for consumers like you and me.

Moreover, as web development is a crucial component that provides the headphone means to showcase business, it is critical that web development it should be done perfectly so as to provide the maximum information to consumers and customers.

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What is Web Development?

Now you must be wondering what exactly is web development. let me tell you that web development is the process of designing, creating, brainstorming, and implementing web development ideas into a viable product that consumers and customers to gain insights and useful information from. Therefore, web designing in web development serves as a medium to showcase consumers and customers with the information that they can use to get intermittent products and services. Web development is also very useful as it helps in digital marketing efforts and enables companies to rank high in search engine websites like Google and Bing.

Secondly, today web development is the need of the hour, and companies and consumers are getting the maximum amount of revenue from online sources using pure web development efforts.

Today, Mumbai is the Digital hub and the financial capital of India and is providing a means for everyone in businesses to showcase their skills and products to consumers and customers.

How Web Development Helps Businesses?

In order to become successful in digital marketing efforts, it is essential that businesses and companies have a website of their own where consumers and customers can connect with businesses, and get to know the products and services that they have to offer.

Subsequently, websites function as a primary point for consumers and customers to connect with businesses and organizations. Agencies that offer web development services have an edge over companies that do not offer web development services as a part of the digital marketing strategy.

If you are searching for a web development agency to design your website to showcase your products and services in the form of a website, then we have created the top 10 web development and web design industries that will help you get the best out of your products and services and will help you to showcase your products and services to consumers and customers. If you are looking forward to searching for the best web development agency to design your website, we have curated a list over here that will help you find the best web development agencies that can help you design your website.

Here is our curated list of Top Web Development Companies in Mumbai:

Nimap Infotech LLP

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (1)

Nimap Infotech headquartered in Mumbai is one of the leading web design and web development service agencies that you can count upon. The company was founded but Priyank Ranka and Sagar Nagda, in the year 2009, with only one thing in mind, and that is to provide all-around web development services to businesses and consumers looking forward to deep into their ventures. The company also provides a mobile application, Web App Development Service that has businesses connect with consumers and customers. with expert developers data about 400 Plus strong head strength, the company also provides software development Outsourcing services to small and medium emerging companies that have a requirement in software development.

Contact Details

Phone: +91 22 – 66395181, +91 22 – 66395182

Address: Todi Industrial Estate, A Wing, 41, 4th floor, Sunmill Compound, Lower Parel- West Mumbai, Pincode- 400013,

Email: [emailprotected]


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Axat Technologies Pvt Ltd

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (2)

Axat technologies are based out of Navi Mumbai and provides full-fledged software development and digital marketing services. It operates and provides web development services, mobile app development services and has offices in Singapore as well. Its team of 50 employees has helped many startups and business establish their potential and lead in their respective industries. Their clients are mainly focused on ecommerce and business development-related segments.

Contact Details


Phone: +91 22-40116762, +91 885 065 2267

Email: [emailprotected]

Address: 01, Technocity X-5/3, MIDC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400710

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Think Design

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (3)

Think Design operates and provides web development services. Think design provides services to a wide range of clients who have a business in Banking, Insurance, Securities and Trading, Logistics, and many more. They provide services of Web development, User interface design, and development. They have an operating potential of about 250+ employees.

Think Design is the leading service provider of web designing and web development services to companies and startups looking to make it big in their business operations.

Contact Information


Address: Think Design Collaborative Pvt. Ltd. 4031 Spaces, Kanakia Wall Street, A-wing, Level 4, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri ( East), Mumbai. 400093

Phone: +91-22-62816267

Email: [emailprotected]


Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (4)

The QED42 company, Is a full-time digital service agency that is headquartered in Mumbai and it started out in 2009. QED42 provides one of the best web development and software development services in Mumbai. Their team focuses on online designing experience, web development, user interface design User experience design, and many more. Their client mainly includes those from the media retail and education sectors. They offer services like JavaScript development, web application development, mobile application development, API development, user interface designing, catering User experience, visual design, and more.

Contact Information

Phone no : +91 7767815999


Azul Arc

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (5)

Azul Arc was founded in 2005 as an all-around software development company. The company’s team strength is about 54 people and is headquartered in Atlanta. Custom software development is the niche it operates in. The company also provides UI/UX design and development services, mobile development services, and API development services. These are the niche that they operate in. Being one of the leading providers of web development services in Mumbai, they primarily serve, small to medium-sized companies and startups. Their clientele operates mainly in manufacturing, business services, and government segments.

Contact Information

Address: 4W69+842, Varsha Nagar, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400079.



Phone: 404-477-1605

Allerin Tech Pvt Ltd

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (6)

Allerin Tech is a custom software development services provider with offices located in Mumbai, India, and West Christchurch. Being a leading software development services company focused on providing custom software development, mobile app development. They also specialize in all-around web and web app development for small to medium-sized companies and organizations The company was founded in the year 2004 and currently employs more than 80 people. The company also offers eCommerce and smartphone app development services among many other things.

Phone No.: 022 6184 6184

Address: Shiv Chamber, B402, Sector 11, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614


Software Developers INC

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (7)

Software Developers INC was founded in the year 2007 and provides specialized solutions in software development. They have offices located in California, Saratoga, and well-known locations like Australia, and London. One of the leading web development agencies in Mumbai, they cater to about 97 specialized services. Web development is one of them. The company also provides services like mobile app development, custom solution development, UI and UX designing and development, and more. Their clients mainly include commercial services and the entertainment industry. They provide specialized services in the areas of software designing and development and also train people in using software services.

Contact information


Phone: 022 4053 6666

Aalpha Information Systems

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (8)

Aalpha Information Systems started out as a software process outsourcing company. It has now emerged into full all the 360-degree software development services that include web development, mobile development, cloud development, and many more. The company was founded in 2007 as a software Outsourcing company. The main offices are located in Hubli India. They have several offices in the locations of Mumbai, Bangalore, New Jersey, Bridgewater, Norway, and many other locations. They provide services in web development, eCommerce app development, custom software designing and development, and these are some of the specialties that Aalpha systems have to offer. The company also offers exhaustive software testing and Maintenance Services and is leading in providing a 360-degree umbrella for exhaustive software development to emerging companies and startups.

Contact Information

Phone No.:+91-836-4262222

Address: Ashirwad Building, Tardeo Mumbai, MH 400036, India


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Robosoft Technologies

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (9)

Robosoft Technologies is a full-service digital experience agency that provides digital advisory, designing strategy, user interface and User experience designing services, all-round application development, software development, application Maintenance Services. They use technologies like Augmented reality, chatbots, blockchain, and more. the company was incorporated and founded in the year 1996 and its headquarters is located in San Francisco. the company has offices in Bengaluru Chicago Mumbai, Udupi, and New York. The company provides comprehensive web development services to small and medium businesses all around the world. If you are looking for comprehensive web development experience then you cannot go wrong with Robosoft Technologies.

Contact Information

Phone No.: 022 2614 1415

Address: 401/301, Pressman House, 70A, Nehru Road, Near Orchid Hotel, Navpada, Vile Parle East, Vile Parle, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099.


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Idyllic Software

Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (10)

Idyllic Software is a Vancouver-based software development and integrated design company having locations in Oak Park. It has offices in Colorado, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pune, and Mumbai. Pivotal in web development, Idyllic Software has a strong team of 50+ members and specializes in web development, and custom software development catering to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. They provide all-round software development services, mobile development, and artificial intelligence-oriented solutions to businesses and companies all around the world.

Contact information

Address: D-321 Neelkanth Business park, Vidyavihar West, Mumbai – 400086. India


Email: [emailprotected]

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Top 10 Web Development Companies in Mumbai - Seeromega (2024)


Which is best company for web development? ›

  • IPIX Tech Services Pvt Ltd. ...
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem. ...
  • Bacancy Technology. ...
  • India NIC. ...
  • Aalpha. ...
  • Cyber Worx. ...
  • Evince Development. Evince is an IT company reputed for web and mobile app development services to accelerate clients' growth via digital integration. ...
  • Mobulous.
Jan 9, 2023

Which company is best for web development in India? ›

Top 10 Web Development Companies in India 2023
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem. The top web development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem was founded in the year 2011. ...
  • Brillio. At Brillio, their customers are at the heart of everything they do. ...
  • HData Systems. ...
  • LTIMindtree. ...
  • Tech Mahindra. ...
  • Wipro. ...
  • NTT Data. ...
  • TCS.
Jan 24, 2023

How to hire a web development company? ›

How to Hire Web Developers Team That's Right for You: 7 Steps
  1. Step 1 – Outline your business needs. ...
  2. Step 2 – Define the developer's skills needed. ...
  3. Step 3 – List your selection criteria. ...
  4. Step 4 – Ask for recommendations. ...
  5. Step 5 – Check the relevant websites. ...
  6. Step 6 – Explore the company's expertise.
Mar 30, 2023

Which company works on web development? ›

Top 40+ Web Development Companies for 2023: Reviews, Services, Pricing, and Key Clients
  • Locomotive.
  • Hello Monday.
  • Bowen Media.
  • PopArt Studio.
  • WebFX.
  • AMP Agency.
  • Smartsites.
  • The Free Website Guys.
Jun 1, 2023

What is the highest paid web developer? ›

Average starting Salary for Web Developer in India is around ₹1.0 Lakhs per year (₹8.3k per month). No prior experience is required to be a Web Developer. What is the highest salary for a Web Developer in India? Highest salary that a Web Developer can earn is ₹7.0 Lakhs per year (₹58.3k per month).

Which company pays highest salary for web developer? ›

Top companies for Web Developers in India
  • Team Lease. 3.8 ₹51,205per month. 298 reviews321 salaries reported.
  • 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd. 3.6 ₹41,594per month. 52 reviews17 salaries reported.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 3.9 ₹32,813per month. 22,226 reviews44 salaries reported.
  • Codeclouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

How much do website developers charge in India? ›

Website development costs in India for different types of websites
Types Of WebsiteWebsite Development Cost
Basic Website₹ 50,000 – ₹ 1,00,000 ($600 – $1200)
E-commerce Website₹ 1,50,000 – ₹ 4,00,000 ($1800 – $4800)
Custom Website₹ 2,00,000 – ₹ 6,00,000 ($2400 – $7200)
1 more row
Mar 8, 2023

What is the current salary of web developer in India? ›

Web Developer Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Web Developer salaries - 263 salaries reported₹4,20,223/yr
Web Developer salaries - 100 salaries reported₹3,68,869/yr
Web Developer salaries - 80 salaries reported₹4,81,690/yr
Web Developer salaries - 77 salaries reported₹25,000/mo
16 more rows

Which developer has high demand in India? ›

Blockchain Developer

With NFTs and metaverse coming into the picture, companies would demand advanced developers in the field of blockchain. A Blockchain Developer also has among the highest salary jobs in India.

How much should I pay for web development? ›

Web Developers on Upwork cost $15–$30/hr.

How much should I charge hourly for web development? ›

Hourly Rate

Reasonably skilled freelance web designers make about $75 per hour. This figure can vary, though, according to CSS-Tricks. Website Builder Expert estimates that the cost to design a website is $30 to $80 per hour, while the cost to actually develop the website is $100 to $180 per hour.

What is the hourly rate for web development? ›

A web developer in the United States earns an average hourly rate between $26-61/hr with $40 being the average hourly rate.

Which type of web development is most in demand? ›

Interestingly the top four languages ranked by Stackoverflow in 2021 for web development are JavaScript, HTML/ CSS, SQL, and Python. Nowadays, there is an increase in demand for web developers across the globe.

What is the future of web development in India? ›

Web Development is Future Proof!

As we head towards an even more tech-driven future, the development skills are progressively in demand. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, etc. are changing the tech world.

Are web developers still in demand? ›

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for web developers is projected to grow 23% on a national level between 2021 and 2031.1 That rate is much faster than the national average for all occupations.

Can I be a millionaire with web developer? ›

Yes, web developers can earn six figures, and even become millionaires.

What is the highest salary of HTML developer? ›

Html Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.1 Lakhs to ₹ 6.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs.

Which job has highest salary in India? ›

1. Which job has the highest salary in India? Jobs with the highest salaries in India are medical professionals, data scientists, machine learning experts, blockchain developers, full-stack software developers, investment bankers and product managers.

Can web developers make 100k a year? ›

Yes, you can make $100,000 per year as a web developer.

The average annual salary is $80,834 for web developer jobs.

Is web development in demand in India? ›

The demand for these developers are always high. The list is endless. That's the primary reason web developer salary in India is quite high. The ever increasing demand.

What is the salary of full stack web developer in India? ›

How much does a Full Stack Developer make? The national average salary for a Full Stack Developer is ₹6,79,000 in India. Filter by location to see Full Stack Developer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 4,607 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Full Stack Developer employees.

How much does a 5 page website cost in India? ›

Typically, the cost to build a small business website in India with 5 to 25 pages can range from ₹10,000 to ₹30,000 ($250 – $750). This includes essential business website features such as dynamic design, SEO setup, lead generation, Google Maps integration, chat functionality, and business email addresses.

How much does a 5 page website cost? ›

How much will it cost you? The cost of building a five-page website varies with functionalities and designs your business needs. Typically, it can cost you between $500 to about $1000 but can go higher to $2500 if you want a fully customized five-page site.

How much does it cost to run a website monthly in India? ›

The average website maintenance cost may be between INR 500 to INR 1,00,000 in India. It depends on the complexity of the website, the amount of traffic, downtime, and the speed of recovery. Our website maintenance cost will consider all of the above factors of account when listing your maintenance package.

What is the salary of a 6 year web developer in India? ›

Front end Web Developer salary in India with less than 1 year of experience to 6 years ranges from ₹ 1.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.5 Lakhs based on 3.7k latest salaries.

What is the salary of Web 3.0 in India? ›

Web3 Developer Salary: India

The average salary in India for a Web3 developer with 0 to 2 years of experience is ₹801,938 per annum or $11,000 this goes up to $40,000 for developers with 6+ years of experience.

What is the salary of 5 years experience web developer in India? ›

Senior Web Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.0 Lakhs to ₹ 15.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs.

Which skill is most in-demand in India? ›

Here is the list of the most in-demand and trending tech skills that will offer you a successful career:
  • Data Science.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • DevOps.
  • Blockchain.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Cybersecurity.
May 22, 2023

What is fastest growing career in India? ›

Top 10 fastest growing jobs
  • Business Intelligence Analysts. ...
  • Information Security Analysts. ...
  • Fintech Engineers. ...
  • Data Analysts and Scientists.
  • Robotic Engineers. ...
  • Electrotechnology Engineers. ...
  • Agricultural Equipment Operators. ...
  • Digital transformation Specialists. Thanks For Reading!
May 2, 2023

What is India's highest demand? ›

According to online statistics, some of the most highly demanded product categories in India include:
  • Electronics.
  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances.
  • Mobile Phones and Accessories.
  • Beauty and Personal Care.
  • Books.
  • Toys and Games.
  • Sports and Fitness.
Mar 31, 2023

Where to start web development? ›

The best first step to becoming a Web Developer is to start learning web development fundamentals, including an understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript. Many aspiring Web Developers are now using coding bootcamps to fast-track the learning process.

Do web developers work from home? ›

The 2022 Jamstack Community Survey recorded that 62% of developers work fully remote, with 83% working remotely for at least half of the time.

How hard is web development? ›

Thankfully, web development is not nearly as difficult as it might seem to non-programmers. Most people can learn web development fundamentals in a few months and land an entry-level job even if they had no experience beforehand.

How much a freelance web developer earn in India? ›

Freelance Web Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.3 Lakhs to ₹ 7.8 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.3 Lakhs.

Who is the full stack developer? ›

A full-stack developer is a developer or engineer who can build both the front end and the back end of a website. The front end (the parts of a website a user sees and interacts with) and the back end (the behind-the-scenes data storage and processing) require different skill sets.

What is full stack programming? ›

Full stack development refers to the end-to-end application software development, including the front end and back end. The front end consists of the user interface, and the back end takes care of the business logic and application workflows.

Is $30 an hour good? ›

The average income per individual in the US is $35,384 per year, but the median income in the US is $64,994, which is right around the 30-dollar-an-hour mark. Since 30 dollars an hour is above the average income per individual, it's a livable wage, but it depends on a few factors.

Do web developers work 40 hours? ›

Most web developers work full time — approximately 40 hours a week. Developers may need to work overtime to meet client or employer needs. Freelance web developers make their own schedules.

What education is required for a web developer? ›

Education requirements for web developer jobs range from a high school diploma to a college degree. A professional certificate and/or associate's degree demonstrating you have the skills necessary to succeed as a web developer can be a great way to get started in the field.

What are 3 skills needed to be a web developer? ›

Every web developer should know at least the basics of these: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend and PHP or Node. js for the backend. These core web development abilities will provide you with the foundation and rationale required for communicating with programming languages.

What are 5 essential skills every web developer should have? ›

5 essential skills every web developer should have
  • Constantly learning and improving. ...
  • Keeping up to date with the industry. ...
  • Being able to manage time and prioritize. ...
  • Understanding UX. ...
  • Communicating well with others. ...
  • Capture user feedback easily.

Which language is best for web development? ›

For front-end web development languages, you may want to start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. Regarding back-end programming languages for web development, consider Java, Python, or Ruby. The skills these languages offer overlap enough that developers can use them together.

Is web development a good career in 2023 2024? ›

This is much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to the increasing demand for websites and mobile applications in today's digital age. Apart from demand growth, web development is also a lucrative career option. It offers many opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Is web development still in demand 2023? ›

Full stack developers will continue to be in high demand through 2023. They are well-rounded and can work on various projects, which is why many companies are looking for these skilled professionals.

What is the salary of web development in India for freshers? ›

In India, the minimum salary of a web developer as a fresher is approximately ₹300,000/yr. This could vary in terms of location, skillset and job role.

Is it worth becoming a web developer in 2023? ›

Web development is currently an excellent career to have. The demand is already there for web developers and the projections look great. Demand for the next decade is expected to steadily grow, and the industry is considered quite lucrative.

Where is the highest demand for web developers? ›

Here Are the Best States for Web Developers In 2023:
  • North Carolina. North Carolina. ...
  • Maryland. Maryland. ...
  • Massachusetts. Massachusetts. ...
  • Nevada. Nevada. ...
  • New Jersey. New Jersey. Total Web Developer Jobs: ...
  • Arizona. Arizona. Total Web Developer Jobs: ...
  • Texas. Texas. Total Web Developer Jobs: ...
  • Colorado. Colorado. Total Web Developer Jobs:
Apr 6, 2021

Is web development a stressful job? ›

To summarize, yes web development can be a stressful job. However, that depends on many factors. Such as where you work, project urgency, stress tolerance, whether or not you like web development, and experience. In my personal experience, working as a web developer isn't a very stressful job.

Which is the best web development company in USA? ›

Top 10 Popular Web Development Companies In USA 2022
  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem. Established in 2011, Hyperlink InfoSystem delivers excellent quality web development services at a rapid pace. ...
  2. MentorMate. ...
  3. iTechArt. ...
  4. Deloitte. ...
  5. WillowTree. ...
  6. IBM. ...
  7. ArcTouch. ...
  8. Mobomo.
Mar 24, 2022

Is web development high paying? ›

With a median pay of $69,430 per year, web development is a well-paying job no matter what specialization you choose.

Is web developer in high demand? ›

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for web developers is projected to grow 23% on a national level between 2021 and 2031.1 That rate is much faster than the national average for all occupations.

What is the basic salary of web developer in US? ›

The national average salary for a Web Developer is $76,910 in United States.

How much is web development fees in USA? ›

Essential Website Costs: At a Glance
Domain Name$0 to $20 per year
Web Hosting$30 to $500 per year
Theme or Template$0 to $100 (one-time fee)
Professional Web Design$100 to $5,000-plus
DIY Website Builder$100 to $400 per year
2 more rows
May 7, 2023

Is web developer in high demand in USA? ›

Do web developers have a future in the USA? Between 2021 and 2031, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 30.3% increase in employment for web developers. A projected 28,900 jobs should become available during that time.

What is the highest salary for a web developer in India? ›

What is the salary trajectory for a Web Developer?
Job TitleSalary
Web Developer₹25,000 /mo
Senior Web Developer₹40,000 /mo
Web Developer IV

Can a web developer become a millionaire? ›

Yes, web developers can earn six figures, and even become millionaires. But, as is the case with any new career, you have to start somewhere. We're definitely not going to say 'money isn't everything' because, as exciting as it is, no one would work as a web developer for free.

Is web development still a good career in 2023? ›

There is a high demand for skilled web developers, and this demand is only expected to increase in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of web developers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Is web developer a happy job? ›

Yes, web development is a good career. Mondo's annual Tech and Digital Marketing Salary guide found “Web Developer” was the most in-demand job title in tech and one of its top-paying jobs. And, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job market for Web Developers is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.


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