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Mobile App Development is the most promising career these days. However, finding the right Mobile App Development course in Lucknow is a big deal. So, Appinnovix brings your concern to an end with its latest initiative to provide Mobile App Development training in Lucknow.

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As always, Appinnovix understands the needs of its indigenous clients, customers, and people. And therefore, we are now starting our own Mobile App Development institute in Lucknow. Our motto behind this initiative is to generate more skilled IT professionals within Lucknow to serve the Lucknow-based IT start-ups and companies. Moreover, we also aim at producing more IT entrepreneurs in Uttar Pradesh who can make the whole of UP proud of its IT skills and services.

Also, with the training provided by Appinnovix, the learners will also be able to join hands with great Multinational companies based in NOIDA. With our well-researched Mobile App Development course in Lucknow and training, the trainees will acquire the right set of professional skills that they do get with any other small Mobile App Development training institute in Lucknow!

What Appinnovix Will Offer as a Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow?

In this Mobile App Development course, the learners will be able to learn-

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Android has the largest market share in the smart device market. In fact, for the Q1 of 2023, the sale of Android devices was found 71.95% of overall smart device sales. Furthermore, it is quite predictable that the graph of sales of Android devices will go upward only. So, learn Android App Development and become a part of the hottest work industry today!

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Learn Theory

We have developed a well-researched theory on Android app development. You will get detailed notes and course material for future reference.

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Practical Training

We will be providing training via existing real Android development projects making you work and learn simultaneously.

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iPhones are prestige symbols in India. As per new reports, during the Q4 of 2022, Apple Inc. sold around 2 million iPhones in India. Also, Apple has recently taken the initiative to manufacture iPhones in India and 2 Apple-exclusive stores are now already open in Delhi and Bangalore. So, learning iOS App Development can also prove a great career in 2023. The march of Apple Inc. toward Indian states is likely to increase the demand for iOS developers very soon in India.

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Theoretical Classes

Appinnovix will provide detailed course learning study material and well-researched iOS development theory sessions.

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Practical Training

Also, Appinnovix will provide an opportunity to work on live projects and observe iOS development and international client handling with our existing projects.

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Hybrid app development and cross-platform ad development are the latest trends in the Mobile App Development industry. Developing apps with a single codebase for iOS, Android, and web platforms is what we call cross-platform app development.

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Why Learn Flutter

It saves time, cost, and money in app development. Moreover, when a full-stack app developer knows the arts and science of flutter app development, it increases his demand in the job market!

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Practical Training in Flutter

Appinnovix already has multiple projects based on Flutter App Development. Get real-life hands-on experience in Flutter app development and brush up your skills right away.

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Build & Level Up Your Career While Learning The Way You Want

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#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (12)

App Development Training Classes Lucknow

Although there are different types of Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow, Appinnovix is different! Our 15+ years of successful existence as a top mobile app development company in Lucknow makes us stand out in the crowd. Appinnovix as a Mobile App Development training institute in Lucknow will provide classes not only in Lucknow. Rather, we will connect nationally and internationally to all the aspirants via online Mobile App Development classes. Also, the aspirants from Lucknow can also join us either online or offline! Some of our salient features include-

  • Training by Expert Trainers
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Full Placement Assistance
  • Learn Through Live Projects
  • Flexi Doubt Clearing Session

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Why Choose Us ?

There are billions of reasons to join the Appinnovix Mobile App Development course in Lucknow, but some top reasons include.

Professional Training by Professionals

Appinnovix has 15+ years of successful history of handling national and international Mobile App Development projects. So, no doubts can be raised about the quality and efficiency of our training modules. Our Mobile App Development course is based not only on deep research. But also our years of experience backs this course. Appinnovix has ensured to provide such Mobile App Development training in Lucknow that an aspirant develops not only IT skills but also the caliber of entrepreneurship!

Veterans as Mentors

Appinnovix Mobile App Development course in Lucknow provides an excellent opportunity to learn under the mentorship of our founder and CEO Mr. Anand Jaiswal. Jaiswal has been in the field of Mobile App Development for over 20 years. He has not only worked with great IT brand names but also has 15+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. In his initiative of providing Mobile App Development training in Lucknow, he has decided to partake as one of the instructors by himself. So, do not let the opportunity skip out of your hands! Learn entrepreneurship along with unbeatable IT skills.

Real Life Learning

Appinnovix always has multiple national and international projects in hand. Also, we are always looking for interns and freshers. Eventually, as we provide Mobile App Development training in Lucknow during the course module, we will consider the in-hand projects. So, the aspirants can have a real-life experience in Mobile App Development, project handling, client management, and overall business functioning.


However, Appinnovix is pitching a ‘Mobile App Development course in Lucknow’ but, here location is no bar. Lucknow will be the headquarters of the Mobile App Development training. So, you will receive classes, certification, and even practical training from Lucknow. But, since the time of the pandemic, Appinnovix has developed great infrastructure and expertise in providing remote services. Similarly, we will also provide remote training services via online classes. So, no matter which part of the world you live in, you can join our Mobile App Development training course in Lucknow from anywhere.

Internship with Mentorship

Since we will be handling real-life projects that Appinnovix gets from national and international clients, the training will be more like an internship. It will give you on-the-job training-like experience making you more skilled, professional, and confident in what you do. Another advantage is that here your ‘bosses’ will act as your mentors- an opportunity, you will find nowhere else!

Guaranteed Jobs

Once you complete our Mobile App Development training, you will automatically acquire the required skill set and confidence to apply for well-paying jobs. However, we have also decided that we shall be hiring some of our trainees for upcoming projects based on their performance. Also, we have tie-ups with some great IT start-ups that are either bootstraps or already funded by renowned investors. Thus, your job is fixed on completing the training.

What Will You Learn in Our App Development Training Course in Lucknow?

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Hybrid Application

Learn hybrid app development and acquire the ability to simultaneously code the apps for Play Store and App Store both. While old-school app developers code the apps individually for iOS and Android operating software investing more time and effort. The mentors at Appinnovix will teach you the art and science of developing apps that run on both platforms with the minimum re-coding!

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (14)
iOS App

If you are willing to join the Apple Eco-system as a web developer, then the iOS development module will help you reach your goal. So, learn iOS development as a well-structured module under our Mobile App Development course in Lucknow.

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Android App

No Mobile App Development training is complete without Android App Development. The demand for Android development is over 90% of the total demand and need for operating software development. Therefore, Appinnovix has developed Android App development as a focused and structured module with well-researched theoretical and practical course content.

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (16)

The world of Mobile App Development is not small. Rather, it is as vast as the universe these days. E-Commerce platform development is in high demand these days. However, apart from great Mobile App Development knowledge, it requires a different skill set in user interface development. Appinnovix has decided to provide E-Commerce platform development training as a whole module under its Mobile App Development course. You can study this skill in-depth with Appinnovix.

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (17)
Booking App

Gen Z prefers everything online. And in the upcoming decade, most physical services will exist online to function online! Therefore, demand for booking apps for tour packages, hotels, transportation, and various other services will gain momentum in the upcoming years. So, Appinnovix will provide from needle to swords knowledge in booking app development under this module.

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (18)
Online Learning

Today, learning has already gone online. Even before the pandemic, e-learning apps like Byjous, Udemy, and Coursera had gained huge popularity among learners. And the pandemic has further popularized e-learning. E-learning apps are in demand across all sectors and industries. It is because training is a part of all professions. And e-training is the future of all teaching and learning activities. So, you can learn about learning app development as a full-fledged module with our Mobile App Development course in Lucknow.

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (19)

The pandemic has also changed the work models. These days, remote or work-from-home and hybrid work models are dominant in the IT sector. Even big multinational companies now hire remote software engineers, content writers, and even SEO experts to save costs. However, to mark remote attendance and calculate login hours, accurate apps are yet to develop. Therefore, Appinnovix is also paying specific attention to the attendance issue. And we have developed a complete module in this field!

#1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (20)

Likewise, various management apps are also in need of various small to big corporates. Management App development is also one of the well-researched modules with the Appinnovix Mobile App Development course!

What Are You Waiting for Now? Enrol in the Best Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow and Avail Special Discounts!

So, what are you waiting for now? Enrol in our Mobile App Development course in Lucknow from anywhere in the world, and upskill yourself for the highly competitive IT environment.

Enquire today, and do not miss the opportunity to avail of heavy discounts on first admissions.

    #1 Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow | Appinnovix (21)

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    The Mobile App Development Course in Lucknow is a comprehensive program that helps people learn how to create mobile apps for different platforms. It covers important ideas, tools, and techniques to make user-friendly and high-quality apps.

    A mobile app development course is a professional training program in which a student or trainee learns to code and program mobile applications. Simply put, a mobile app development course teaches the trainee how to make mobile applications. For example, Paytm, Myntra, Nykaa, and mobile games like Temple Run, Candy Crush, etc. all are a few examples of different types of mobile apps.

    In order to pursue a mobile app development course in Lucknow, Appinnovix Technologies is the best place. It is because Appinnovix Technologies is not a coaching center or private university. Rather, it is a 15+-year-old mobile app development company in India having an international presence. Also, as per the curriculum of Appinnovix which is designed by a team of veterans, the students will get on-the-job training-like experience. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to find a trustworthy mentor for lifetime support!

    Appinnovix Technologies is the only Indian IT start-up in Lucknow which is self-made. Even during the time of the pandemic, Appinnovix was the fastest to adapt to the hybrid and remote work models. Even during the pandemic, we have avoided lay-offs. Also, our clients with national and international reputations have a high value to us. Therefore, pursuing the mobile app development course in Lucknow from Appinnovix will provide an excellent opportunity for the learner to establish great business contacts. Moreover, it is a rare opportunity to learn mobile app development by performing live projects. So, it is not just a course, but an internship that can bring you confidence at work.

    In a word, absolutely. In fact, on the basis of performance, Appinnovix will hire some of the trainees for its own ongoing international projects as well. We also have tie-ups with different IT start-ups and small and medium-sized corporates. So, placement is a guarantee by Appinnovix.

    Yes, under the mobile app development course, iOS development is a full-fledged module at Appinnovix mobile app development training initiative. So, learners will get a detailed insight into iOS development. Also, they will receive free-of-cost well-researched study material for future reference as well.

    Flutter App development is a cross-platform development technique in which a developer uses a single codebase to develop an app for iOS, Android, and other operating systems. This technique saves time and effort. Also, it is quite cost-effective. Eventually, many clients today prefer Flutter App Development, and therefore, small to big corporates hire Flutter developers 10x faster. Therefore, Appinnovix also provides Flutter App Development training as an individual module. And in this way, enrolling in the mobile app development course at Appinnovix Technologies is one of the best ways to learn flutter app development faster.

    Appinnovix provides flexible class schedules, online classes, and placement assistance. Eventually, a learner can join us from any part of the world. Moreover, Appinnovix is a Hybrid workplace and the entire IT sector is today working remotely. Therefore, the location does not matter. And once you complete the training, it is not necessary that you can work in Lucknow only. Rather if you are a good learner with a higher caliber, then you can also secure a remote position with a multi-national corporate as well.


    Which study is best for app development? ›

    13 Best App Development Courses for Beginners in 2023
    • Coursera – Foundations of Objective-C App Development.
    • Pluralsight – iOS 11 Fundamentals.
    • iTunes U – Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift.
    • Ray Wenderlich – Saving Data in iOS.
    • Udacity – Android Basics by Google: Nanodegree Program.
    Apr 28, 2023

    Which coding course is best for app development? ›

    16 app developer courses
    1. AppCoda iOS Programming Course. ...
    2. CodeLab for Android Kotlin Fundamentals. ...
    3. Code School Azure for Students Starter. ...
    4. Coursera Android App Development Specialization. ...
    5. Coursera Swift 5 iOS Application Developer Specialization. ...
    6. edX Computer Science and Mobile apps.
    May 28, 2023

    Who is the most successful mobile app development company today? ›

    Comparing the top 10 mobile app development companies in India
    CompanyExpertise and Experience
    Techahead10+ years of experience, over 2,000 projects, 500+ clients
    The NineHertz13+ years of experience, over 1,000 projects, 500+ clients
    Algoworks16+ years of experience, over 1,200 projects, 500+ clients
    7 more rows
    May 31, 2023

    Is mobile app development easy or hard? ›

    Developing an application for mobile is challenging. It can take you anywhere between several weeks to months to get the ideal Android app out for business requirements. You need to take care of the personal preference of the users, business requirements, and the approach that best fits the requirement.

    Can I learn Android development in 1 month? ›

    Becoming an Android developer can take as little as 3 months or 4 years. It all depends on how quickly you master the programming language.

    Can I learn app development on my own? ›

    Yes. You can learn app development on your own with the help of free online resources. You can watch videos, read books, and create your own projects at home to develop your skill set.

    How long is the mobile app development course? ›

    Android App Development is a 3-month*course.

    Is C++ enough for app development? ›

    Although the C++ programming language is preferred for mobile application development in some cases, it is much more difficult to install and less flexible. Because it is a complex language, it can also increase bugs and lead to more errors.

    Who is the number one App Developer in India? ›

    JPloft Solutions

    Ltd. is India's top software and mobile app development company. The team works with cutting-edge technology and unique methods for result-oriented solutions and business growth. The company has been working in IT Services for 10+ years. Also, it has served 1000+ projects in 70+ countries.

    What is the highest salary for mobile app developer? ›

    Mobile App Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 16.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.4 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 200 latest salaries received from Mobile App Developers.

    What skills do you need to be a mobile app developer? ›

    Here are 10 examples of important mobile app developer skills to help you be successful:
    • Programming language skills. ...
    • Computer proficiency. ...
    • Back-end computing. ...
    • User interface (UI) design. ...
    • Cross-platform development skills. ...
    • Cybersecurity skills. ...
    • Product management skills. ...
    • Internet of things (IoT) skills.
    Mar 3, 2023

    How fast can you become a app developer? ›

    Associate degree: If you aren't willing to spend four years at school or spend a ton of money, you can choose an associate degree. You'll gain basic educational qualifications in just two years. Bootcamps: Bootcamps are one of the most popular choices from aspiring App Developers.

    How fast can you learn app development? ›

    Apps can be built in 30 days, three months, six months, or sometimes longer than a year. It all depends on the type of app and its complexities. As a beginner, you can use an app maker to get to market quickly without learning a programming language, hiring app developers, or working with app designers.

    Do you need math for mobile app development? ›

    You don't need to be good at advanced math to become a good software developer. While some fields of programming require you to have extensive knowledge of mathematics (such as game development and machine learning), you don't need advanced math skills for most coding jobs.

    Can I develop an app in 6 months? ›

    The average time to develop an app with Discovery, Design & Development, and Pre-launch stages is around 7 - 12 months.

    Can I become developer in 3 months? ›

    Three months is a good amount of time to have a good understanding of Web development. You won't be making groundbreaking projects by this time, but you will be able to make working websites. To be able to get the most out of your first three months, you can divide your learning journey into three parts.

    Is 1 month enough for coding? ›

    Most coders agree that it takes three to six months to be comfortable with the basics of coding. But you can learn coding faster or slower depending on your preferred pace.

    What is the salary of app developer in India per month? ›

    Average salary for a Mobile Application Developer in India is 4.4 Lakhs per year (₹36.7k per month).

    How much does it cost to start an app? ›

    According to Salary.com app development hourly rates, which currently hovers around $50 / hour, the US app development price cost for a app with a basic user interface and a set of basic features ranges from $16,000 to $32,000, Medium complexity app development project costs between $32,000 and $48,000 and, finally, a ...

    Why mobile app development is difficult? ›

    Device compatibility and screen size

    This is often one of the toughest challenges faced while testing mobile applications as there are many different devices and screen sizes, so ensuring the app is compatible with all of them can be difficult.

    Which language is fast for app development? ›

    The main advantage of C++ is its performance. Its speed is much higher as compared to Python. So if learn C++, it will be suitable for almost all platforms and embedded systems, while Python only works on select platforms that support high-level languages.

    How do I start an app development for beginners? ›

    1. Establish a development team. Developing an app has become easier with the help of various software programs and online tools such as app builders. ...
    2. Conduct competitive research. ...
    3. Outline core features. ...
    4. Create mockups. ...
    5. Plan great app security. ...
    6. Begin coding. ...
    7. Perform multiple tests. ...
    8. Gather and implement user feedback.

    Can I learn app development in 2 months? ›

    All development: iOS App, Android App, and the backend should happen in parallel. For the smaller version, it can be achieved in 2 months, a mid-sized app can take around 3-3.5 months while a big sized app might take around 5-6 months.

    Can I become a app developer in 4 months? ›

    If we compare apps of different complexity and number of features, the average timeline will be: Simple App Development – 2-4 months. Average App Development – 4-6 months. Complex App Development – starting from 9 months.

    How can I become a mobile app developer at home? ›

    How to become a mobile developer
    1. Attend a coding bootcamp. ...
    2. Consider a degree. ...
    3. Choose a major platform. ...
    4. Practice creating mobile apps. ...
    5. Pursue an internship or apprenticeship. ...
    6. Apply for mobile developer positions. ...
    7. Programming languages. ...
    8. Attention to detail.
    Jan 26, 2023

    Which degree is best for mobile app development? ›

    Candidates can go for a BSC or BCA course in their graduation level, but the companies usually prefer to hire B. Tech (Computer Engineering) for the positions of Mobile Application Developers.

    What do app developers major in? ›

    To prepare for a career as an application developer, a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or another related field is recommended. These programs teach critical computer programming skills, such as HTML, MS/SQL, Java and PHP, and general computer, software and application functionality.

    What qualifications do app developers need? ›

    You'll need:
    • maths knowledge for understanding programming.
    • the ability to write computer programs.
    • analytical thinking skills.
    • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
    • the ability to come up with new ways of doing things.
    • knowledge of systems analysis and development.
    • complex problem-solving skills.

    Which skill is required for app development? ›

    Mobile application developers require advanced programming skills, particularly in mobile application languages such as JavaScript, C++, Python and C#. Programming language proficiency demonstrates your ability to use the languages to build functional mobile applications.


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